Extended Warranty Information

Contact us for a custom quote for your vehicle. We will quote you the best price and coverage based on your driving and needs.

Veritas Global Protection is an international company that offers vehicle service contracts, extended warranties, and other F&I products to dealers across the United States and the world. Veritas Global Protection Plans cover almost anything with an engine—we cover all cars, electric vehicles, exotic vehicles, RVs, and powersport vehicles. We are “A” rated in everything we do—from customer service, claims, and client support to our insurance carriers and other relationships, Veritas Global Protection prides itself on being an “A”-rated company.

3 Star - Affordable programs designed to protect against costly repairs.
4 Star - Extensive stated coverage protecting the major assemblies in the vehicle.
5 Star - Comprehensive exclusionary coverage option providing ultimate protection for virtually every component and part in the vehicle.

The essential to comprehensive coverages needed for peace of mind for your automobile.